Venetian New Years Association

The Venetian New Years Association enters annually in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade in the Comic Division, currently as a brigade and the only club from Northwest Philly. They were founded on New Years Day 2005 and are actively working on their 2017 theme. They meet on Sunday nights at the club @ 8pm.

Congratulations to the Venetian NYA Mummers on another job well-done!  We all look forward to 2017!

Congrats to the Murray Comic Club on their 80th Anniversary!!!

Past Parade Themes & Results

2005 - Super Bowling (10th)

2006 - Mummin' With The Stars (6th)

2007 - A Knight In Venice (2nd)

2008 - So Easy A Mummer Can Do It! (2nd)

2009 - Brought 2 You By The Number 2 Street! (12th)

 2010 - The Chestnut Hillbillies (2nd)

2011 - Earth, Wind and Mummers (12th)

2012 - Flash Mobsters (5th)

2013 - Indi-Insourcing (5th)

2014 - What Does Fox Say? (10th)

2015 - Magical Mummery Tour (7th)

2016 - Weather or NOT! (3rd)